Top 10 Black Friday 2023 Home Security Deals to Expect

Safety and security should always be the first priority for every homeowner. Today, with the emergence of cutting-edge home security systems, one can ensure heightened security even in the absence of security personnel or inhabitants. The key is to look for superior-quality security equipment and install them at the right places. Here are some home security deals one can expect during the upcoming Black Friday 2023:

Security cameras and surveillance systems
To err is human, and that’s why security cameras are now working in tandem with human security personnel to ensure increased safety. Buying the right security cameras is all about researching different brands and understanding one’s requirements. These brands offered lucrative discounts on security cameras last Black Friday:

  1. Lorex
    Lorex is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of security cameras. These cameras offer 2K resolution, person recognition, a privacy mode, a spotlight, a siren, etc. Lorex was among the first security system brands to announce deals last Black Friday, with up to 50% discounts on specific security cameras and systems. Hence, these cameras should be on one’s shopping list this year.
  2. Arlo
    Arlo’s premium security cameras are equipped with features like 4K HDR video, 12x digital zoom, and enhanced color night vision. Moreover, the Arlo Ultra Series cameras are 100% wireless and resilient. Arlo offered discounts from $20 to $70 on individual security cameras last year and up to a whopping $260 off on multi-camera bundles.

Smart doorbells
Today, doorbells are no longer mere buttons to alert inhabitants that someone’s at the door. Smart doorbells come with built-in video cameras that allow one to identify visitors before opening the door for them, maximizing safety and security. These bespoke brands offered smart doorbells at discounted prices last Black Friday:

  1. Ring
    This brand manufacturing doorbell camera has consistently offered its products on sale during shopping seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These discounts are typically of up to 41% on individual cameras, while bundles are offered at discounts of up to $200 or sometimes even more. For example, buyers saved up to $210 on buying multiple Ring cameras.
  2. Blink
    Blink’s security doorbell cameras offer 1080p HD day and infrared night video, two-way audio, and motion detection and alerts. Blink’s products are almost exclusively available on Amazon. Last Black Friday, customers were treated to over 50% off on each type of camera the brand offers.

Smart door locks
Gone are the days when locks and bolts had to be manually operated to ward off strangers. One can now connect smart door locks with their security systems, identifying who is at the door or automatically locking it when the home security camera detects any motion. Based on last year’s deals, one can expect these brands to offer discounts on their smart door locks this Black Friday:

  1. August
    August was among the pioneers of smart door locks. The brand’s smart locks were available at highly competitive prices last Black Friday. For example, the August Smart Lock Wi-Fi Replacement Deadbolt with app access was offered at a discount of $46 on its original price last year. Hence, even this time, one can expect to bag these smart locks at significantly lower prices.
  2. Hornbill
    Hornbill’s keyless entry door locks entail a host of desirable features, including integration with Google Assistant or Alexa; biometrics for quick, hassle-free unlock; auto-lock option; and compatibility with smart devices. Some of Hornbill’s smart key locks were available at discounted prices last year. For example, customers purchased Horbill’s 6-in-1 keyless entry digital door lock at a discount of $20 on its original price.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Carbon monoxide (CO), which can be released into one’s home through leakage of chimneys, furnaces, gas stoves, etc., binds with hemoglobin in the body, causing headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Similarly, smoke contains fine particulate matter that can enter the eyes and lungs, causing health conditions like bronchitis. Smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors play an essential role in preventing CO poisoning and fatal fires. Here are some smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors likely to be available on sale this Black Friday:

  1. Google Nest
    Google Nest Protect is a battery-operated smoke and CO detector that provides early warning of smoke and CO emissions. Moreover, it specifies the source of the emission to inhabitants. Google offers its premium Nest products on sale each year; moreover, Nest Protect has been available at discounted prices during earlier shopping seasons.
  2. Abode
    Abode’s smoke alarm monitor is a good addition to one’s existing smoke alarm system, as it transmits an encrypted wireless alarm signal to the Abode Gateway and activates the siren, ensuring the system’s efficiency. Abode offers its security products at discounted rates each Black Friday; thus, one can expect the smoke alarm monitors to be on sale even this shopping season.

Security lighting
Lack of adequate lighting is a major security threat and prevents devices like security cameras from performing optimal surveillance. For this reason, many security cameras come with floodlights to enhance the performance of these systems. Here are some brands that may offer security lighting systems on sale this year:

  1. Ring
    Ring offers wired floodlight cameras that facilitate color night vision and advanced motion detection. These floodlight cameras were available at 40% off last year.
  2. EnduranceTM
    EnduranceTM is a security system brand offering a host of home security products. Its LED hardwired outdoor security floodlights are thermally engineered and require zero maintenance upon installation. These floodlights were offered at 46% off last shopping season.