Planning a cruise around the coasts of North America

For holiday goers and frequent vacationers, cruise holidays around the North American continent are an excellent choice. Cruising along the west or the east coast of the beautiful continent is truly a delightful experience and lets you experience the culture uniquely. Fortunately, there is a myriad of different cruise vacations available all around North America. Here are our top choices:

Eastern Coast of North America

There are several things to do during your cruise holiday to the eastern coast of North America. It is not only ideal for a memorable cruise holiday, but is also a great pick for luxury holidays, family trips, honeymoons, luxury holidays, and even an activity-based holiday. In the cruises around the eastern coast of America, you’ll mostly cover South Carolina, Boston, Florida, New England, as well as New York in the United States of America, and Nova Scotia and Montreal in Canada.

Western Coast of North America

As for the Western Coast of North America, there’s an equally exciting range of things to do. On your cruise, you can take an exciting and fun family trip to Vancouver, venture the lively and vibrant San Francisco city, relax and unwind on the beaches in California, enjoy a wholesome experience along with fantastic music in Seattle, or take a tour around various ports like those in British Columbia, Oregon, or Washington.

Tips to find the best cruise around North America

Now, how do you pick the right cruise for yourself? Let’s find out.

Family cruisers

Are you traveling with children? Well, the little ones are naturally more excited about cruises than adults. There are some cruise lines that cater to the children much better than the others. Unfortunately, there are also a few who completely overlook the needs of child travelers. So, if you are seeking an incredible family cruising experience, then Disney should be your top-pick. It has a rare splash area for the young children and a dedicated kid’s club. Furthermore, Disney’s fountain area is a fantastic option for the toddlers still in diapers. Some of the equally good options for family cruising other than Disney include Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

Age limits

There are age limits set by most cruises. Though there are a few cruises that have set the age limit as 1 year, there are many others who do not permit younger kids. For instance, if you are seeking solo travel and are still underage, say 17, you should know that a lot of ships do not permit children below 18 years of age without adult supervision.


There are a bunch of things that determine the cost that you’ll have to bear for your cruise. It would primarily depend on whether or not your holiday is during the travel season or the off-season. Further, the smaller the ship, the higher would be the cost. The price you pay also depends on the length of your stay. In general, any cruise that accommodates 1,000 to 2,000 guests will offer you a better monetary value. So, if budget is a concern, you should take into consideration all these factors.