Four affordable Corvettes that you should consider

Simply put, Chevrolet’s Corvettes are the ultimate American dream car. The car has personified excellence, performance, and panache for well over six decades, resonating not just with the youth but also adults who’ve warmly connected with the brand’s definition of vigor and muscle. Despite being a premium sports car that is up there with the best, Corvettes are amazingly affordable with their price range reflecting the inclusiveness of their many models.

Cheap Corvettes, unlike others, are still a robust machine rendering mammoth power, faultless transmission, and sleek design. So, if the following cheap Corvettes are for sale, do not pass on the opportunity.

  • 1975-1982 C3 Coupe

Around the mid-1970s, there was a serious energy crisis around the world. Many thought that all the oil would soon dry up and thereby starve the world off energy. While it didn’t really matter in the long term, it dramatically changed the automotive industry.

Corvettes, which relied quite heavily on power, suffered a great deal. Engine power was downsized, delivering embarrassing transmission that was worse than the earlier edition. Therefore, buying a Corvette from around that time would be easy on the wallet. The engines and interior, which was just as poor originally, can be reworked to deliver a classic Corvette drive.

  • 1996 Corvette Coupe/Convertible

This was the final year of the C4, with Chevrolet all-set to begin production of the C5. Quite affordable on the used car market, the C4 also had a couple of Special edition models. These uniquely came with the new LT4 engine that gave 330 horsepower and had a six-speed manual transmission. The LT1, meanwhile, was limited to the automatic transmission.

The two Special edition models named Grand Sport Coupe and Collector Edition, are slightly more expensive than the base coupe and convertible, but come with their own set of luxuries.

  • 1999 Corvette Convertible

This fifth-generation Corvette can be bought for as low as $20,000 on the used car market. Running on a powerful engine, the 1999 Corvette had a stylish interior featuring the all-new “Heads-Up Display” – an exciting system that displayed speedometer, water temperature, oil pressure, and fuel level.

  • 1964-1965 C2 327/250 Coupe

Part of the second-generation C-series, the 1964-65 Corvettes were beautifully designed and delivered around 250 horsepower. The drive choices were pretty much similar to 1963, with the transmission not varying as much. Subtle changes were made to the exterior with split-window abandoned in favor of rear ones that were made out of a single piece of glass.

Compared to the 1963 model, faux hood vents were also removed and gave the 1964 version an entirely unique look. They’re a lot cheaper than the 1967 model and will always retain their resale value thanks to the superior design.