8 baby products to avoid buying

Child’s safety is and should always be the top priority for parents, particularly when the children are infants and toddlers. According to a 2019 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, injury remains the leading cause of death among children and teens in the country. Besides baby-proofing the home and removing obstacles from children’s vicinity, avoiding certain dangerous baby products is essential to prevent freak accidents. Here are some such products to avoid:

Crib tents
Although crib tents protect babies from escaping the cribs, they can also act as risk factors if the baby tears away the mesh. In such cases, the crib tent can get entangled around the baby. Therefore, it is best to replace crib tents with toddler beds.

Bumper pads
Bumper pads can increase the risk factor for infants, primarily because they tend to press their faces against these pads and can suffocate as a result. Thus, it is advisable to avoid bumper pads in cribs.

Sling carriers
While sling carriers may be convenient options while taking your child along on long trips and commutes, cases of suffocation on sling carriers have been rising. Since babies’ faces are pressed against their parent or caregiver’s bodies for a long time, they can suffocate to death. Thus, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has advised parents and caregivers to exercise caution while using sling carriers.

Bathtub seats
Although bathtub seats seem like secure options to allow babies some fun bathtime, they can pose serious risks. For one, children can fall out of these seats and into the water and may drown if left unsupervised. Moreover, the suction cups at the bottom can become detached from the seats, causing accidents.

Bumbo seats
Bumbo seats have been immensely popular for supporting babies while they sit down. However, several accidents caused by children falling off these seats have been reported. Although bumbo seats with straps have been introduced, they do not suffice as adequate safety measures to prevent bumbo seats from toppling on the baby.

Drop-side cribs
Drop-side cribs are illegal in the country for a reason. These can drop sideways and cause serious injuries and deaths among infants. Thus, replacing drop-side cribs with traditional ones is best for enhanced safety.

Warm-mist humidifiers
Warm-mist humidifiers can burn babies if they happen to touch them or their cords. In smaller rooms, placing these humidifiers out of reach of infants may not be possible. In such cases, such products should be avoided.

Bedside co-sleepers
Bedside co-sleepers comprise only three sides and can be fastened beside the parents’ bed. However, there is a risk of the co-sleeper shifting from its position when the parents get into the bed. Such a shift can cause a gap between the bed and the co-sleeper, increasing the chances of the baby getting trapped. Thus, it helps to replace such co-sleepers with proper cribs, bassinets, or cradles close to the parents’ beds.

Safety begins at home, and parents’ priorities should be to ensure that their homes are free of any products that can threaten their little one’s safety. It always helps to consider the potential risks posed by all baby products and purchase only the safest options.