5 types of clothing that can affect one’s health

Clothes do more than just enhance one’s look – they protect the body from external factors and provide warmth and comfort. Thus, while shopping for outfits, it is important to consider not only the esthetic appeal but also the fit, durability, comfort, and texture. With a variety of outfits available today, fashionistas are spoilt for choice in every outfit category. In this scenario, it makes sense to avoid certain types of clothes that may affect one’s overall health:

Underwire bras
Although underwire bras are intended to uplift and support the breasts, these bras increase one’s risk of skin conditions like rashes and fungal infections. They can also cause problems like chest and neck pain and block milk ducts among lactating mothers. Hence, it is advisable to limit the use of underwire bras, replacing them with comfortable wireless cotton bras, bralettes, and sports bras, among other options.

Tight jeans
Skinny jeans may accentuate one’s figure and enhance one’s appeal, but their continuous friction with the skin may cause potential skin problems like rashes. Moreover, tight jeans can prevent blood circulation and trigger nerve and muscle damage. Trying alternative types of trousers, such as palazzos, capris, and culottes, is a good idea. They are loose, comfortable options and do not stick to the skin while not compromising on esthetics.

Clothes made of nylon and polyester
Research studies suggest that synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are treated using several toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process. For instance, nitrous oxide is released during the manufacturing of nylon, and this chemical is regarded as significantly more harmful than carbon dioxide. Similarly, polyester’s manufacturing process involves the release of carcinogens.

Ill-fitting outfits
Any outfit that is too tight or too loose can cause health issues in the long run. While tight-fitting clothes may trigger rashes, itching, and skin problems, loose clothes involve the risk of getting entangled in sharp objects, causing falls and accidents. Therefore, it is always advisable to try out one’s clothes before buying them, ensuring that they fit just right.

Rompers are as difficult to take off as they are easy to put on. For this reason, it may be particularly difficult to use the washroom with these outfits on. Controlling the urge to pass urine may cause problems like pain above the pubic bone, lower back pain, and fever. Hence, ditching rompers for easy-to-remove outfits is advised, especially during long outings.