5 effective ways to clean carpets at home

Cleaning the walls and dusting furniture are essential aspects of home cleaning, but the carpet is one surface on which considerable dust accumulates over time, and cleaning it becomes a challenging task. And contrary to popular belief, carpet cleaning can be a hassle-free process if one follows the right strategies and is aware of certain quick cleaning hacks. This article provides insight into some easy ways to clean a carpet:

Clean using basic household products
The “solutions” to a spotless carpet are mostly readily available at one’s home. A mixture of club soda and vinegar or baking soda, borax, and cornstarch can do wonders for your carpet, leaving it stain-free and tidy. One may also use steam vapor or a salt and vinegar solution for effective carpet cleaning. Another pro tip for cleaning a carpet is to apply a dab of shaving cream on it, which is effective in removing different types of stains.

Blot stains on the carpet
A common mistake while cleaning carpets is to rub on stains after pouring a solution. The right way to remove these stains is to blot them using a paper towel, sponge, or even a clean piece of cloth.

Use ice cubes
Hard, sticky substances like gum can be difficult to clean from carpets. One way to achieve this feat is to freeze these substances by placing ice cubes on them for about half a minute. One may then easily remove the sticky substance using a spoon.

Use the heating process to remove wax
Removing hardened wax settled over a carpet can be an excruciating task. This wax may be removed using the heating process, which involves placing a cotton cloth on the spot and running an iron over it. The wax may then be scooped off with a spoon once it melts.

Use a dishwasher detergent
Another method to remove greasy stains from carpets is to prepare a solution by mixing a few drops of dishwasher detergent with a cup of water and spraying it over such stains. This solution should be allowed to sit over the stain for a few seconds before it is blotted. The process should be repeated in case the stain persists.