5 easy home improvement hacks to try today

Home renovation can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. It may involve completely overhauling your home or reorganizing and updating certain sections (like individual rooms, walls, or cabinets). Some find the job so daunting that they keep postponing their plans. However, home improvement doesn’t always need to be a laborious affair. Here are five quick and easy hacks that will instantly elevate your house and give it a fresh feel.

Update your cabinet hardware
Don’t have the time or budget for full-scale home improvement? Just update the hardware (knobs and pulls) of your cabinets and drawers to change the appearance of your kitchen or any room instantly! But ensure to measure your existing knobs and choose new ones of similar dimensions, so you don’t have to drill new holes. This is a budget-friendly home improvement hack, as knobs and handles generally don’t cost too much.

Get an area rug to refresh your living space
An area rug can completely change the look and feel of your living space. Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, placing an area rug over it can add a splash of color and give it a new appearance. It’s also a great way to cover up spills or mishaps on the old carpet and add dimension to the room. Further, picking rugs that match the room’s overall theme can make the room appear more put-together.

Swap out old faucets
Save money on full-room renovations by swapping out kitchen and bathroom faucets. Faucets tend to gather debris over time and can look scratched up or dull, even if the rest of the room doesn’t. Swapping them out for new ones will not only lease a fresh breath of life into the room but also save water since new faucets are more eco-friendly.

Upgrade the switch plate covers
Old plastic switch plate covers don’t add to the room’s aesthetics. Upgrade them by painting them in a contrasting shade, or buy new plates in a unique style and color. This is a super easy home improvement hack to improve the aesthetic of any room and add to its style quotient!

Add some curb appeal
Installing potted plants, window boxes, or hanging baskets overflowing with flowering plants at your front door is a great way to beautify your doorway and make it look more inviting to guests. Choose easy-to-grow (and maintain) flower varieties like Angelonia, calendula, catmints, and fuchsia to add color to your entryway and attract beautiful pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees!

Home improvement is all about beautifying your living space and customizing it to your daily needs. Other easy hacks include optimizing your overhead storage spaces using adjustable overhead racks in your garage, using non-adhesive liners for drawers and shelves that prevent them from getting scratched, and learning how to patch drywall for quick fixes around the house.

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Opting for these quick and easy hacks is an excellent way of saving money in the long run and keeping your home looking beautiful as ever!