5 avoidable smartphone habits and mistakes

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives. We use it to send money, find and learn new things, and communicate. But, despite it being such a common commodity, many of us make mistakes and develop bad habits when it comes to smartphones. These habits not only negatively affect the smartphone but can also affect your finances and physical health. Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid making.

Draining your battery
One of the biggest errors we make with our phones is not using them efficiently. This often equates to overusing the phone and draining the battery constantly. It is important to remember that phone batteries degrade over some time. They do not last as long as they used to when they were new. As a result, it may overheat and even need to be charged more often. You can do this by avoiding a few things, like keeping your brightness to a minimum and turning off your hotspot, Wi-Fi, or cellular data when not in use. You could also charge your phone once it hits the 30% mark, as it helps the phone battery be healthy for as long as possible.

Not choosing the right plan for your phone
Another common habit you see with many individuals is not choosing the plan that is right for them. This often leads to unnecessary, additional costs. Instead, research the right cellular data plan for you. Many companies offer unlimited data plans and prepaid cell phone plans. Popular companies that offer these services include Visible Wireless, Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk, and even UScellular.

Not doing your research before buying your phone
There are many smartphone options in the market, and each product is better than the other. But before you jump in and buy the latest one, take a moment to do your research. Are you simply going to buy a phone for general day-to-day use, or do you game and require it for other purposes? Answering these questions will help you buy the right phone for your needs. Popular smartphone brands include Google and Apple. The iPhone 13 pro max is one of the more popular models on the market right now. Moreover, the new iPhone 14 pro max is set to release in late 2022.

Forgetting phone protection
There’s no denying that smartphones are important to us. We use them for almost every task. And yet many do not think about getting smartphone insurance to protect their information and device. There are many phone protection plans available. Opting for one of these plans can ensure you do not spend out-of-pocket for any repairs or if your phone is stolen or lost.

Carrying your phone in your pocket
Many of us also tend to keep our phones in our pockets. But this is a bad habit because it leads to more screen time, negatively affecting the phone and our health. To avoid this, keep your phone in your bag or out of sight.

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