11 ways to keep the indoor air quality clean

The air in our homes is not perpetually clean. There are many chemicals, harmful gases, dust, and other airborne allergens that degrade the air quality in your home. These pollutants often stem from external factors and even the appliances you use at home. Furthermore, such pollutants can deteriorate health and trigger several health problems when inhaled. Therefore, here are 11 ways to keep the indoor air quality in your home clean.

Open the windows
Opening the window will let oxygen in and remove any harmful toxins in the air. It can even help keep the room breezy in the summers.

Do not use aerosol sprays
Aerosol sprays release harmful chemicals into the air. So you must use non-aerosol versions when it comes to hair sprays, furniture polish, and deodorants.

Mop hard floor surfaces
Mopping surfaces made from hardwood, vinyl floors, tile, or other toughened materials with a disinfectant will keep your home free of allergens.

Inspect the air vents
HVAC systems filter out harmful substances from the air to keep the atmosphere inside your room clean. Clean such air vents periodically to ensure they are working properly.

Use exhausts
Moisture in your home can lead to mildew, bugs, bacteria, and mold. Use the exhaust in the bathroom, or kitchen, or use a dehumidifier. It will ensure moisture levels are kept in check.

Vacuum the carpets
Flooring, especially the ones with carpets and rugs, may collect disease-causing allergens. Vacuuming the carpets regularly can help keep the risk from such allergens at a minimum.

Check the furniture
Avoid furniture that is treated with formaldehyde and stuck with toxic glue. They contain harmful chemicals that can trigger several health conditions.

Use zero-VOC paint
Before painting your home, ensure the label reads “zero VOC” or “low COV.” These have a low content of harmful chemicals and leave the air quality of your home unaffected.

Add plants to rooms
Plants help purify the air naturally by taking in the harmful gases and releasing fresh air into the atmosphere. Plants can also help lighten your mood if you are stressed.

Buy an air purifier
Air purifiers draw in harmful pollutants from the air and release cleaner air in the room.

Use fragrant-free cleaning products
Scented cleaning products may trigger symptoms in those with asthma and allergies. Use natural cleaning agents like baking soda and lemon instead.

These products promote better air quality by keeping your house clean:

Clorox® laundry sanitizer
Clorox’s laundry sanitizer is a blue disinfectant liquid known to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and viruses with every wash cycle.

Popular as a multi-surface cleaner, PINE-SOL is a disinfectant effective on hard surfaces like floors, counters, stoves, and tiles.

Microban 24-Hour Citrus Sanitizing Aerosol Spray
This disinfectant aerosol spray keeps surfaces like doorknobs, stair railings, and light switches sanitized for up to 24 hours.