10 VR devices to check out on Black Friday 2022

As technology advances, the cost of VR headsets and controllers is increasing, too, keeping them out of reach for many. Therefore, the best time to buy them is during the annual Black Friday sale. It is the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year when these products witness massive price cuts. While the grand day might still be a few weeks away, you can be prepared by researching the best virtual reality gear on the market.

Meta Quest 2
It is one of the most versatile headsets that require no gaming console or PC. The Meta Quest 2 has a powerful processor, sharp display, and precise motion tracking, making it a sought-after option. You can expect it to be available at a discount this Black Friday, so check it out to enrich your gaming experience.

Oculus Touch VR controller
This controller has been winning hearts because of its durability, design, and easy and comfortable use. If this sounds like something you want, be ready to grab the Oculus Touch VR controller this holiday season. It is expected to be available at a significant discount to help you save money.

PlayStation VR
Want to experience VR gaming without burning a hole in your wallet? This PlayStation headset might be a good place to start. It has a great library of games and is exceptionally easy to use. Soon after its release, it quickly became the top-selling VR headset ever released and held on to the position for quite some time.

HP Reverb G2
This Black Friday, improve your gaming experience with unbelievable image quality. Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, the HP Reverb G2 headset uses quality lenses and speakers and has a more ergonomic design. Get it for a great price in the coming months.

Valve Index
If you want a PC-based system, look no further than the Valve Index. It boasts a best-in-class build, quality visuals, and a wide field of view that only a few models on the market offer. Since the Valve Index can be expensive, the Black Friday sale is the best time to bring it home. Check out the many deals and find the sweetest one.

Samsung Gear VR controller
An absolute delight for first-time VR users, the Samsung Gear VR controller is a must-try. It is not only effortless to use but is also relatively less expensive than its counterparts. The upcoming shopping season will reduce its price further, helping you save enough money for more gaming equipment!

HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite
Here is another great option on the market. The HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite ensures you enjoy an immersive gaming experience by eliminating some of the shortcomings of its predecessor, the HTC VIVE Cosmos. It has a great refresh rate and field of view for a standalone headset.

It is among the few headsets that offer the highest resolution at an affordable price. It also provides smooth motion tracking and is compatible with Valve Index controllers. Who would not want these features?

Oculus Rift S
It has better specs than the previous Rift and is easier to set up. The only drawback is that it must be connected to a PC. If you are willing to make this compromise, check out this model when the sale begins.

PlayStation Move VR Controller
Sony is one of the big names in the gaming industry, and the brand has made deep inroads in the VR segment too. Its Move VR controllers are familiar and easy to use, a perfect buy if you already have a PlayStation. It has an ergonomic design, accurate built-in motion sensors, and action buttons.

Gaming technology has improved significantly over the years to an extent one cannot imagine. And the best is yet to come. If you have not experienced the VR gaming experience yet, make the most of the Black Friday deals and bring home one of these devices!