10 Black Friday Mattress Deals to Expect in 2023

A good mattress is crucial for enjoying sound sleep and preventing posture-related issues. Since mattresses can be expensive, the best time to get one is Black Friday, when brands roll out discounts and offers to attract customers. While the sale is still a couple of months away, one can shortlist the mattresses they’d like to grab a deal on. Below are ten mattress deals to expect for Black Friday 2023 based on last year’s trends.

Memory foam
These mattresses use memory foam to provide extra support and comfort. The foam molds around the sleeper’s body and gradually reverts to its original position once pressure is released. However, with continuous usage, it remembers one’s sleeping position. Here are some Black Friday deals one could enjoy on memory foam mattresses last year:

1. Puffy was selling its five-layer memory foam mattress (twin size) for $649 during the Black Friday sale when the original price was $1,449. The queen mattress was priced at $999, down from $1,799. Customers could also get free pillows, sheet sets, and mattress protectors for free!

2. Nectar sold its gel memory foam twin mattress for $669 instead of the usual $999. This mattress helps keep one cool through the night. It has a three-inch gel-infused memory foam, a three-inch soft transition foam, and a seven-inch firm base foam. The queen mattress sold at a discounted price of $937 when the original price was $1,399.

3. Casper was another brand with excellent Black Friday sales last year. Its memory foam mattress has three layers of premium foam with a durable base that helps prevent sagging and sinking. The twin size was up for grabs at $671 when the original price was $895. The queen mattress was priced at $971 instead of $1,295.

4. Tempur-Pedic had a sale on its Tempur Cloud Mattress, whose twin variant sold for $1,329 after a $570 discount. The queen mattress was priced at $1,539 when the original price was $2,199.

This Black Friday may unleash similar deals on memory foam mattresses, so customers should watch for them.

These mattresses feature a coil support system beneath the foam, latex, or polyfoam layers. Besides the benefits of foam, they provide the bounce and breathability an innerspring mattress provides. Below are a few famous brands that had deals on hybrid mattresses last Black Friday:

5. Tuft & Needle’s hybrid twin mattresses sold for $976 after a discount on the original price of $1,395. These mattresses feature a cooling technology that makes sleeping extremely comfortable. The queen-size mattress sold at a discounted price of $1,396 instead of $1,995.

6. Helix is another brand that had mattress deals for Black Friday. The Helix Midnight twin mattress sold at $699 when the original price was $849. To avail of discounts, customers could use codes like BFWKND150, BFWKND250, BFWKND300, BFWKND350, BFWKND400, and BKWKND450. Customers also got two free pillows with their purchase after the discount. The queen mattress was listed for $999 after a discount on the original price of $1,249.

7. DreamCloud’s Hybrid twin mattress was sold at a discounted price of $599 instead of $799. The mattress is around 14 inches tall and has five layers of foam. Shoppers could also get a mattress protector, pillows, and sheet sets worth $599 for free on purchasing any sale mattress.

Many shoppers prefer mattresses made with certified organic materials as they reduce exposure to unnecessary chemicals in the environment. Brands like Avocado, Birch, and PlushBeds had attractive offers for Black Friday last year:

8. Avocado Eco Organic, the brand’s newest and least expensive mattress, was on sale. The twin and queen sizes were priced at $699 and $1,169 respectively. The mattress has 900 pocketed coils and organic latex, providing a gentle but firm feel. With the code SAVE10, customers could enjoy 10% off other available sizes in this mattress category.

9. Birch had a sale on its Birch Natural mattress, made from naturally breathable wool and the Talalay latex. It offers a medium firm feel, which most sleepers prefer. The twin size was available for $999 last sale season when the original price was $1,399. Similarly, the queen size sold at a discounted price of $1,449 instead of $1,849. Customers could use the code BLACKFRIDAY400.

10. The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss was also on sale last Black Friday. Many chiropractors recommend this mattress for its firmness, which can help manage back issues. The twin variant sold for $1,549 when the original price was $2,799. The queen size was available for $2,049 when the original price was $3,299.

Shoppers should follow their favorite mattress brands closely to learn about their Black Friday sales for 2023. Signing up for their newsletters can provide information about the latest updates.